100+ ways to have fun with Classbento

Want to do something different this weekend? Or want to sneak in some quick fun during a weekday? Then you'll love Classbento, who offer more than a hundred fun workshops, taught by Sydney experts.

Go behind the scenes of one of the city’s premier florists, as you learn insider tips and tricks on how best to combine elements to build a beautiful bouquet or a terrific terrarium. Or learn cooking with a professional chef, who has written numerous cookbooks and whose healthy cooking was featured on The Biggest Loser.  Looking for something more unusual? Laughs are guaranteed in the juggling workshop at Centennial Park, or blow your mind with a lunchtime philosophy class in the CBD.

Classbento's workshops are fun, informal, and relaxed, and perfect for beginners. They're affordable, with all required materials provided, and if the class involves making something, you'll be able to take it away with you at the end.

Classbento co-founder John Tabari said one of the best things about the class is that you’re supporting your local community.

“You'll be helping local artists and their small businesses, and you'll be sharing different cultural perspectives, whether it's through Japanese calligraphy, French language, or Spanish guitar."

“You can even make the world a better place by sending your tone-deaf karaoke buddies off for singing classes!” John joked.

If you've got some interesting skills you'd like to share, Classbento also makes it easy for you to teach - you can do it anywhere, any time. Head to classbento.com.au/teach and get set up in just a few minutes.

Check out Classbento's workshops, and treat yourself and/or a loved one to an unforgettable experience.

Pictures: Classbento.com.au