Arcade Bar for Adults!

Archie Brothers Electric Circus has now been open for a few months and the consensus is in – people love it. The arcade/bar for adults is combining delicious food, games and cocktails to create the ultimate night out.

The experience is described as releasing your inner child and a real relief from the normalities of a typical bar. The place is jam-packed with activities, featuring old-school dodge ‘em cars, bowling lanes, arcade games and a 3D interactive theatre ride.

All those activities would leave any kidult famished, so it’s then time to hit the diner area, with a selection of burgers, pizzas, hotdogs and shakes (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

The space has a carnival aesthetic and the games are fairly well priced, with a game of bowling $10, the dodge ‘em cars $4, and you can top-up a card to play arcade games for $20, $50 or $70. The food and bar menu are a little more expensive, however the experience of feeling like you are in an American diner is worth it.

Nestled in Sydney Corporate Park, Archie Brothers Electric Circus is a tonne of fun and a must for an exciting night out.

Image credit: Broadsheet