The Best Worst Takeaway Joints Across Sydney

Any Sydney-sider knows the food snobbery that is sweeping our city. This list brings things back to basics. Whether you’re after a hangover cure or a greasy ‘treat yo-self’ sort of meal, this list is all you need in your life.

Clem’s Chicken Shop - Newtown

Newtown is famous for some pretty impressive food but sometimes all you want on a dusty Sunday morning is BBQ chicken with chips swimming in gravy. The food coma experienced after overeating at Clem’s is affectionately called ‘The Clem’ but as worrying as it sounds, nothing beats this feeling. Not only can you pick up a souvenir t-shirt, there are some pretty delicious salads on the menu for those of you detoxing or worse, vegetarian.

All jokes aside though, their Greek salad will leave you licking the container for the last remains of feta… vegetarian or not.

El Jannah - Granville

This Lebanese takeaway restaurant has grown over the past 20 years and now feeds the masses of Sydney’s west. Starting in 1998 as a small family-run business in Granville, you’re now able to get your charcoal chicken and garlic sauce fix in Blacktown and Punchbowl as well. People flock from all over the city for these kebabs but nothing tops the garlic sauce. It keeps for ages too (if you don’t eat it straight away) so load the fridge with that garlic sauce and avoid kissing for a while after eating,

Hot Star Chicken - Burwood, Hurstville and Cabramatta

Like a lot of people, my first experience at Hot Star Chicken was on a pretty big night out in the city. The great news is that going back there sober it’s even better… this tiny little chicken joint leaves KFC for dead.

With stores now in Burwood, Hurstville and Cabramatta, more of Sydney can taste the magic of Hot Star. After picking how spicy you want your chicken, you can’t go past the curly fries. The menu is delightfully small you so everything they do is done to perfection, giving you the chance to try it all in one go.

Hurricane’s Express - Bondi Beach

Hurricane’s is a Sydney institution. Now, with Hurricane’s Express, ribs could be yours quicker than it takes to send “Come to Hurricane’s” in a group message.

Whether you’re on Bondi Beach or trying to navigate your way through Chatswood Westfield, don’t forget to drop in and grab a rib medley with a side of onion rings, regardless of whether you’re dining in or taking away. Being a favourite among tourists and locals, there is something for everyone on the menu.

Sam Thai - Neutral Bay

If you’re feeling like a lazy night in at home, Sam Thai in Neutral Bay delivers the North Shore’s best Thai food right to your door. They cover Cammeray to North Sydney but if you’re not a local, it’s definitely worth the trip. Sam Thai’s special prawn wraps are a thing of beauty but if it’s noodles you’re after, their Pad Se Ewe is so saucy it puts Fifty Shades of Grey to shame.

By Samantha Garcia