Celebrate gin this summer!

Grain Bar in Sydney will be the place to go for gin lovers this summer, as a custom batch has been created for Grain’s Summer of Gin event running from Friday 12 January until Friday 2 March.

The award-winning teams of Grain Bar and Archie Rose have created a unique combination of six botanicals including one rare mandarin botanical. Carefully selected and combined by Grain representatives and master distiller Dave Withers, Grain Archie Rose Gin has come together as a perfectly balanced and intense distillation.

The batch will be unveiled at the Summer of Gin launch party, followed by a collection of special activities including unexpected house-made infusions, Australian tasting plates, unique sensory experiences and a special gin cocktail menu for guests to enjoy.

Calendar of events at Grain Bar:

Summer of Gin launch party | The official unveiling of custom Grain Gin including a detailed talk on the gin-making process by Lachie Beange, Archie Rose ambassador. Friday 12 January from 4pm.

Australian gin tasting trio | Discover the unique flavour of Australian gin with our tasting plate of three of the finest gins from our backyard. Friday 19 January to Friday 26 January.

Tanqueray perfume making sessions | Elevate your favourite spirit with a Tanqueray perfume-making session. A unique sensory experience, guests will have the chance to create their own take-home perfume using botanicals found in Tanqueray gin. Early February.

The elite matching menu | Select from our special menu of carefully chosen gins with our boutique tonic and garnish recommendations and discover the most refined ways to enjoy the spirit. Friday 16 February 16 to Friday 23 February.

Gin infusion selection | Treat your palate to an explosion of flavours with our variety of house-made gin infusions. Up for something truly different? Ask your bartender for their serving suggestion (not for the faint hearted!). Friday 23 February 23 to Friday 2 March.