Epic Easter Egg Hunts

Remember when you were a kid and you were too excited to sleep because the idea of a large fluffy bunny hiding chocolate around your house was too much to handle?

Sounds pretty weird thinking about it now. Nevertheless, that pure excitement that comes with being a kid at Easter is priceless. Why not recreate those magical feelings and stage your own Easter egg hunt? so you can run around madly with friends getting super competitive resulting in a chocolate coma.

Here are some places that would make for an epic Easter egg hunt. You might have some trouble with security… but you can always offer them chocolate!


Although Ikea sores are set up so you can only walk in one direction, I still manage to get lost in there. Regardless, the rules are simple: no doubling back and you must follow the never ending arrows dictating your direction while keeping your eyes peeled for hidden eggs.

Imagine hiding eggs in kids bunk beds, desk drawers and kitchen appliances. Who knows? You might pick up some furniture while you’re at it.


If everyone in Sydney hides one chocolate egg under their seat while on their morning commute, image the delight on a disgruntled passenger at the end of the day as they reach under their seat to find a delicious chocolate egg!

Normally we wouldn’t recommend eating or touching anything you find on public transport, but it’s a nice idea (in theory), right? 


To counteract all the calorie consumption over Easter why not turn the Bondi to Bronte walk into an Easter egg hunt? Put on your running shoes and a Camelback for hydration and hide eggs along the costal running path.

The winner is the person with the fastest running time AND the most eggs.  You can then indulge without the guilt!


Imagine a fusion of the good old game Murder in the Dark with an Easter Egg Hunt. Accompanied by a soundtrack of an epic movie at your local cinema. Pick a midday timeslot that’s bound to be almost empty and as the lights dim, crawl amongst rows of seats and scavenge for candy.

Make sure you’re not picking up candy that’s been dropped between the seats months ago… Actually, on second thoughts, this might not be the best idea.


Why not combine all the chocolate and Easter fun with a trip to the zoo?! A bit ridiculous, we agree, but imagine darting between reptile and giraffe enclosures as you collect eggs! Remember not to feed chocolate to the animals and be careful to avoid ending up in the lion enclosure.

These might not be the most practical suggestions for an Easter Egg Hunt, and to be honest with you, nothing can recreate the excitement you felt as a kid about Easter. But try and remember to partake in some of the Easter fun as an adult and make the most of this excuse to eat us much chocolate as possible!

By Eliza Ackland