Fashion | Men’s Summer Style with Cotton On

It’s all about the silhouette for summer guys, we’ve been given the inside info from Head of Menswear at Cotton On, Craig Webb, who treated us to a fashion D&M so we could pick his brain on what’s trending this season.

Continuing to grow from strength to strength, Cotton On keep a sharp eye on what’s popular in street style, developing its ranges with us all in mind to ensure we’re getting the right style at the right time. Now it’s time to get prepping for summer, start thinking drop crotches, cuffed chinos, skinny leg and extreme washed out denim as the hot items for your summer wardrobe.

If you need some style advice to go with that, keep reading as Craig shares with us his top tips…

Tell us about the new men's pant styles and key features we should keep an eye out for.

Right now, the most important thing to consider in men’s pants is silhouette. Drop crotch and cuffed chinos and jeans are really where it’s at. Skinny through the leg, either drawstring or fixed waist and stretch fabric are all key elements when choosing a great pant for this summer season.

What are your tips when it comes to styling these new pant designs? 

With the advent of the drop crotch silhouette, we really have to consider the top of the body and how we wear tees & shirts. A longer line tee or shirt that finishes a bit longer (covering the butt is a good indicator) should be worn with a drop crotch bottom whether it’s a short or a pant. Basically if you wear a standard tee or shirt with the new drop crotch silhouette, it shortens your upper body and looks really weird.

What are the key trends guys should be embracing for summer?

Long line tops in general are really prominent, and so is the drop crotch and cuffed ankle in bottoms. Front chest and back prints are very 'new' for print tees and the short sleeve print shirt is a must-have for any guy as they can be dressed up or down depending on the day. Faded and ripped denim is also very fresh – almost with a vintage flavour but definitely new.

How does Cotton On stay ahead of the curve with innovative design?

We really look at what’s happening on the street: at festivals around the world and trade shows internationally. We make sure that our customer is always front of mind. We have a very strong brand DNA that we use as a filter across all product lines to ensure that we are giving our guy the right item at the right time.

Australians should be very proud of their place in international fashion too. We influence the northern hemisphere so much right now, particularly when it comes to street fashion and summer looks. Australia is ahead of the curve in some aspects, definitely.

What are your must have pieces for the season? 

For the summer season, I could not be without my Stan Denim Joggers from Cotton On. Skinny fit, cuffed hem, drop crotch in really washed-out and faded blue stretch denim – so easy to wear and really cool. I'd team that back with a long line muscle tee for day-time and then at night I'd throw on a short sleeve printed shirt. Low profile canvas shoes to top off the look.

What can we expect to see from Cotton On menswear in the near future?

We are really looking towards the 90s for our coming influences. It’s fresh again. Street, surf and skate from that era are really coming through as being big influences and then we are blending in a little hip-hop in the form of tech jackets and a little grunge in the form of check shirts. It’s an eclectic mix but the conduit is 90s fashion all the way.

Written by Christina Roys
Fashion Blogger & Stylist