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Let’s get real here: Gyms are boring. That’s right, I said it, gyms are boring! If I have to hear one more person talk about “leg day” I’m going to shoot myself, or possibly them. But we have to work out, right? We are constantly lectured on the benefits of exercise by health professionals (or more importantly, we just saw Emily Ratjkowski naked and are now motivated to get a body even half as good as hers).

So how do we get Emily’s bum without hitting the dreaded gym? We scoped out the latest fitness trend Retrosweat and were gobsmacked to find out how much fun exercise can be. That’s right – fun!

Retrosweat is an 80’s style aerobics class held at Redfern PCYC.  Each class is a full body cardio and toning workout set to 12 tracks 1980's music. Think grapevining to Madonna, hip thrusting to Belinda Carlisle, and squatting to Prince. The best part of the class is not the music, nor the movement, but the outfits. Everyone is encouraged to wear outfits straight from the 80’s, so the room is full of lycra, spandex, shimmer tights, sweat bands, leg warmers, and of course high cut leotards.

The greatest testament to the benefit of Retrosweat is founder and instructor Shannon Dooley. A NIDA acting graduate Shannon takes her role very seriously and her character is hysterical. As if just having stepped out of the 80’s and into Redfern, Shannon transports the class to an era where wedgies were cool, and everyone happily goes along for the ride.  Her perfectly sculpted back side is flaunted in her high cut leotard, clearly showing the physical benefits of the aerobics she is teaching.

One thing is for sure: once you have tried this class you'll keep coming back, not because you want Emily’s bum, but because you want Shannon’s!

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Written by Ashley Hunt
Ashley is founder of health and wellness blog Move Eat Heal which specialises in finding fun fitness.