Instagrammers Of The Month

Discovering an awesome new Instagram account is like peeping into the mind of a talented individual. Trawling through average accounts until you find a gem can be a real time waster. So save that precious time for reading our articles and let us do the hunting for you!

We’ve put together a list of some of the most creative accounts to follow on Instagram this month.

@TROPICETIQUETTE has just launched this year and we’ve got an inkling it’s one to watch. Tropic Etiquette is a new Australian magazine that showcases urban culture through visual mediums. Their Instagram features a bunch of epic visuals and snippets of audio from their SoundCloud. 

Scrolling through @LEPHOTOGRAPHEDEVASEUR’s Instagram feels like you’re flicking through a fine art magazine. Born in LA, this photographer shoots unique photos displaying them across the Instagram grid. From beautiful black and white surreal images to clever melancholic portraits - these photos are real works of art.

When you open up @DJDUMPLING’s account you never quite know what to expect. Whether it’s an octopus on someone’s head or a perfectly executed self-portrait, this account is going to keep your feed interesting. Beautiful creative photos are paired with personal and poetic writing to offer an insight into this Sydneysider’s life and career.

@TARAMILKTEA is a design student living in Sydney and exploring the world with her doppelganger cartoon companion. Her account is a mixture of creative endeavours, lifestyle and travel photography. She also has a serious sweet tooth so she’s a good one to follow for updates on where to get delicious donuts and macaroons.

@TRYHARDMAGAZINE is an independent, online publication focusing on Australian and New Zealand photography. Each week their Instagram feed is taken over by a special guest that allows us to see the world through their eyes and discover up and coming photographers and creatives.

Jonathon Collins is a freelance photographer and writer making us all jealous of his extensive travels and awesome photography skills. His account @EASTERNSUNS seems to perfectly articulate the desire within us all to wander and explore the world. If you don’t have time to wander, then immerse yourself in these photos of far away places and surreal moments.

By Eliza Ackland