Matt Moran's restaurant Aria reopens with a brand-new look

After undergoing a 10-week closure Matt Moran’s restaurant Aria has recently reopened with a fresh new look and feel.

The entire layout has been revamped with a multi-million-dollar upgrade from interior architect George Livissianis, leaving no expenses spared. The décor of the restaurant features rich and earthy tones exposed through the new timber ceiling, leather-paneled walls and beautiful wall-mounted floral arrangements; celebrating and reflecting the beauty of the Australian landscape in one of Australia’s most beautiful locations, the harbour.  

The menu has also undergone a complete change, wiping out all old dishes and replacing with a brand new set of meals. Matt Moran however wishes to keep the same feel and philosophy to Aria, therefore he created a new menu with a similar quality and style.

During the closure, Moran sent his head and sous chefs to a bunch of different restaurants to become inspired and gain greater knowledge for their return to Aria. At the new-look Aria, frequents can rest assured that they can still experience the high standard of dishes they’ve come to know and love from the establishment, but now with a twist.

A new grill section has also been introduced to Aria, allowing for some fantastic additions to the lunch menu, such as Black Market Rangers Valley sirloin, David Blackmore’s Wagyu roast beef and Kurobuta pork t-bone.

Although the entire restaurant has a complete new look and menu, Matt Moran intended to keep the same philosophy behind Aria of premium produce and seasonability. The treasured elements remain the same, such as the spectacular view of the Sydney Harbor and the friendly staff, however just with luxurious improvements. 


Photography: Nikki To, Broadsheet.