Prepare Your Body For The Warmer Weather

Yes, it’s finally here. Time to strip off the sweaters and scarves and welcome warmer weather back into your lives! What better way to utilise this month than to get health back on track. Here are a couple of tips to spring out of those winter habits:

1. Add a veggie juice into your diet. This has been proven to boost energy levels and is a great way to absorb all the nutrients from raw veggies. A great combo is spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, mint and lemon. They whiz up well in a blender and will have you feeling fresh and cleansed within a few days.

2. Mix up your exercise. Maybe swap an indoor weights session for an outdoor interval training circuit. The fresh air and change in routine will keep you motivated. Target some muscle groups that have had a rest over the winter. Including activities such as boxing or skipping are great with a partner and can take place anywhere!

3. Educate your self on a healthy diet. A great way to do this is sourcing information, a couple of great and engaging documentaries including Hungry for ChangeFed Up andThat Sugar Film. All very recent and highly informative, and a great way to motivate yourself!

4. Treat your skin and your mind and experience a meditation floating tank. Healthspace, Kings Cross offer 30 minute- one hour floating sessions, allowing you to unwind, minimise stress and subdue your senses in the Epsom salt water. An interesting and innovative way to try out meditation.

5. Try to get outside as much as possible. Similarly to exercising outdoors, grabbing a coffee in the park or by the beach is a nice change and a lot more pleasant now it’s warming up. Taking your bike or just walking with a friend can increase your vitamin D, which could be in the lower range, post winter!

6. Add some good vitamin supplements to your daily routine. Aboutlife grocers are great for suggesting particular brands and vitamins, a naturopath regularly available to recommend what’s suitable specifically for you. 

These are just a few of many ways to get your health back on track this spring. It’s always great to keep a journal of your diet and activities to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.