On The Road to Paradise with the Lime Cordiale


Lime Cordiale are a band from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They've have previously sold-out many local venues including The Standard and Oxford Art Factory and performed at countless festivals including Bigsound, Homebake, Peats Ridge, Deni Blues, Bluesfest, and SXSW Music Festival in Austin...

Their new single ‘Not that Easy’ is the perfect summer jam, taking the smooth roots-infused pop and electronic stylings their fans have come to love and adding an extra sprinkling of class, a pinch of edge and three large handfuls of hooks.

We caught up with them ahead of their ambitious “Road to Paradise” Tour.

You are just about to hit the road for your ‘Road to Paradise’ tour, what can fans expect this time around?

We're just about to release the "Road to Paradise" EP so we'll be playing new songs from that. We're doing slightly bigger tours each time so we've gotta keep stepping it up. We've also brought on a new guitarist. But it's the move into summer so for us this is the start of holiday. I hope someone brings a box of mangoes, if you know what I mean.

How is it touring as brothers, any dirt you can dish up to us on each other?

At a rehearsal studio in LA we met an old washed up rocker that said, "Back in the day, our band was close. Now we've fallen apart. We used to even share the same girls!" So yeah, there's probably a few things we can't do as brothers. Well we can… but it's ever weirder. We've always gotta be the ones that share a bed if there aren't enough. Apart from that, it's easy. We're used to our mess and know how to argue with each other without it being a thing.

The cover art for the new single, Not That Easy,  is epic and has been done by your very own Louis Leimbach, can you tell us about this style of art and what got you started doing it for the band?

I've been inspired recently by the artist, Bruce Goold. He's mainly known for his lino cuts and that's what I've been getting into. This is a teaser for the EP cover that we're about to release. The whole thing was designed on linoleum and then I added colour on photoshop. If anyone has any kitchen floors they don't want, let me know. I've always done the art for the band which is good because I'm not good at selling myself. The band kinda does that for me. But I've just started doing some commissions and collaborations with brands and the like… really inspired by the stuff that our dad's think are cool. [Louis]

We hear you guys are good surfers, do you have a favorite local breaks?

When we lived in Bondi, we used to drive down to Garie (right on Royal Nation Park) when we couldn't stand surfing with tourists or Brazillians any more. We're often going up to the back beaches of Crescent Head for holidays or weekends. Whenever we're playing in Byron, we manage to sneak away for a good surf. But we're mainly surfing at Avalon and Whaley now that we're back on the Northern Beaches. We tend to just surf all along these beaches and just cop the "git outta here" until we really have to leave.

Where are your favourite joints to get loose at? I don't think you can drink in Sydney after dark anymore, can you? 

We tend to follow the live music. Been going to Moonshine Bar in Manly a fair bit which normally has a few bands on. Not only local bands but from all round. Beach Road Hotel in Bondi is the same but have recently turned down the volume due to complaining neighbours. It feels like we're school kids again cos we're always getting pissed before getting to the venue. Save the monies. Fave music venues in Sydney at the moment feel like Newtown Social Club, Oxford Arts Factory and Brighton Up Bar. 

Where are your favorite places for more civilized eats and drinks? 

There's a small Indian place that do these heaps good $5 curry kebabs over the road from COFA on Oxford St. We've been known to travel far for those. The curries are pretty average but a curry burrito (with a little onion bhaji in there too) for $5 just gets your mouth watering.  We discovered this killer Mexican place in Neutral Bay. We used to go there when we were recording our EP at Alberts Studio nearby. It's not the shitty faux mexican that you get so much of in Aus.. Our mate Tony just opened up the best burger joint Sydney. It's in Bondi. He called it "Bonditony's Burger Joint". Jenius

The boys are playing at the Metro Theatre on December 19th, get your tickets from here and follow the guys here.