Style | Trending in Fashion 2014

With social media apps like the beloved Instagram, everyone’s a filtered fashionista and it’s through these images of our peers that this year’s trends have been making a mark. Popular blogs like Gary Pepper, Harper and Harley and Oracle Fox dominate the Sydney scene. Now more than ever we’re seeking inspiration from who’s around us and not just what we see in high end magazines.

Summer saw us through festival season; excellent places to see what’s going on in the fashion world; everyone is out on show. From the nineties revival of gingham, tartan and high waisted Levis denim paired with Doc Martens and choker necklaces. Hipster vintage kids are trawling the second hand shops for well-worn, faintly musky Harley Davidson tees. It’s like stepping back into supercharged nineties – think Clueless meets Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Proving that if anything fashion is continually recycled and that denim on denim isn’t a faux pas.

The seventies were also big again this season; tie-dye crocheted tops and flimsy halters paired with ripped denim shorts finished with fake flower wreaths and bindies. Along with flowing kimonos and capes, wide brimmed fedoras and round, oversized sunglasses saw a parade of the reinvented hippy child.

It would be hard not to note the rise of the stacked sandal; Windsor Smith’s range of chunky platforms have been on the foot of every second girl, worn with lots of neon’s and culottes. The platform sandal along with the more sensible but nonetheless distinctive Birkenstocks have been huge and are only continuing to grow.

Sports Luxe has been huge, continuing on from its popularity last year and crossing over between both sexes. The NFL and NBA inspired jerseys saw bright colours and floral prints everywhere worn with leather pants, snap-backs and sneakers. This was a look that really spanned across a few age groups, from high schoolers right up to the first of our Gen Y’s; everyone was looking to join the team.

The boys have been donning matching printed collared t-shirt and short sets; even matching singlets. From exotic birds and palm trees to splattered paint designs, the prints have been big and varied this year. That’s not to say the ever-popular chino and t-shirt isn’t still a thing, but the chinos will probably have a drop crotch and the t-shirt a raw edge. Along with some boat-shoes, Converse or Vans it’s a kind of wonderful go-to basic set for all manner of men.

It’s been a busy year for fashion so far, with girly to grungy to hippy, fashion wise pretty much anything goes and what’s old is now new again. Because let’s be honest we’re all secretly competing with one another to look as stylish as possible. It’s a dirty fashion rat race and everyone’s competing for the most ‘Likes’ season in and season out.

By Sally Cordukes