Surry Hills welcomes Cuckoo Callay

Cuckoo Callay has just opened a new venue in Surry Hills!

Drenched in sunlight and boasting views of the pretty streetscape that's perfect for people watching, the funky space features an open-air top floor repainted with Cuckoo Callay’s signature pink, green and white branding, a thin downstairs dining room that spills out onto a public lawn and a big kitchen.

Out top pick off the menu is the Chocolate Salty Balls, which sees a textural slice of French toast (it’s coated in Crunchy Nut cornflakes) topped with banana jam, house banana ice-cream, two shards of exquisitely brittle chocolate meringue and a dusting of chocolate soil; or the ‘Shroom Hog, a smoked ham rillette set atop a jelly-like mushroom custard and a rich mushroom broth. Even something seemingly simple as corn fritters are reworked with an Indonesian-inspired vermicelli salad, a pork-coated scotch egg and XO sauce.

Taking note from its Newtown fave, Cuckoo Callay in Surry Hills is bringing the classic mac‘n’cheese, bacon and eggstuffed croissant, as well as carrying over the coffee beans by Marrickville’s Coffee Alchemy

Cuckoo Callay Surry Hills
413 Crown Street, Surry Hills
0414 403 323

Images: Jiwon Kim, Broadsheet Sydney