Sushi With a Twist

Located in a quaint, vibrant Woollahra street lies the newest addition to Japanese cuisine

With daring dishes such as fig and prosciutto sushi, cuttlefish tempura, kataki prawn, lion king roll and many others - this menu was definitely made for the Japanese lovers at heart.

The restaurant had a clear ambience as soon as you entered. The room is decorated by lights in the shape of giant soy sauce fish. The staff are smartly dressed and, much like Japan itself, the sushi train itself is clean and neatly organised. The cuisine is prepared fresh in front of you, which is always a lovely experience.

As I sat down in front of the train I was suddenly mesmerised by the glistening, colourful fresh sushi and sashimi. One highlight was the salmon - an electric blood red rather than the old-looking peach-orange.​

‘Must try’s on the menu include the Lion King Crab roll - with cream cheese, avocado, crab and fried shallots; Tuna Tataki, Harmony Tartar and the crab Kataki - which is deep fried vermicelli noodles wrapped around a juicy succulent prawn. It's a big call, but the seafood I had at Sushi with a Twist was honestly some of the freshest and tastiest I've ever had.

This place is a definite must try for all seafood, sushi and Japanese lovers, with reasonable prices that won't break the bank you won't be leaving dinner without a full tummy and a smile on your face! So what are you waiting for? Go down and enjoy Sushi with a Twist!

Sushi With a Twist 

146 Queen Street, Woollahra 

(02) 9363 0219