Sydney Craft Beer Week Opening Night

Sydney Craft Beer Week (SCBW) kicked off its 4th year on Friday night at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern. With over 100 beer fuelled events at 40 venues running till Sunday the 26th of October.

Craft Beer Week showcases the best brews going round town paired with fun pop-up installations and special events at breweries, restaurants and art galleries, including a Beergustation and a Ladies High Tea.

The opening night was bursting with thirsty patrons, clasping their custom made beer glasses. There were over 15 different brewers tapping tiny tegs and popping bottles, like a couple of kids in the candy store we had a walk around the hall trying to pick a place to kick off the festivities. From the delicious IPA’s (India Pale Ale) to the molasses rich, sticky dark brews, the choices were endless.

I didn’t know beer could taste so different; luckily I brought the biggest beer connoisseur I knew – my father. While Papa happily sweet-talked each and every brewer, fitting in all-too well with his moustache, because I wasn’t aware but it became frequently more apparent that if you’re a craft brewer, you have some serious facial hair.

Making our way from bearded brewer, to bearded brewer we quickly found our favourites – Modus Operandi’s Red IPA for Dad and the sweeter passionfruit wheat beer from The Rocks brewery for me. Kaiju’s dark ale was sticky, rich & potent at 10.8% and after 4 other tastings our stomachs started rumbling and our legs begun wobbling.

The Mary’s crew was working the grill in the courtyard flipping the classic Mary’s and mushroom burgers while downing tinnies, we beat the food rush and the sweet juicy beef burgers were excellent as per usual.

Having successfully tasted at least one beer from every stand between us and Dad looking a little glassy-eyed (and starting to dance) we made the journey back to our local, The Beach Club Collaroy which is part of Craft Beer Week and we swigged more charming craft beers well into the wee hours.

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Written by Sally Cordukes