Trip for the tastebuds on the Silk Road

Spice Temple is adding some fire to Sydney dining this winter with a tantalising banquet that pays homage to China’s Silk Road.

Guests will be taken on an exquisite culinary journey on Tuesday 22 May, with a six-course Silk Road dinner, as a part of Rockpool Dining Group’s Producer Series.

Spice Temple Head Chef Andy Evans will lead guests on this gastronomic experience through China’s famous network of trade routes known as “The Silk Road,” explaining elements of each dish along the way.

Upon arrival, guests are offered Spice Temple’s Rooster cocktail – a fragrant combination of passionfruit, aperol and limoncello.

The menu begins in Hangzhou with prawn and iceberg salad topped with salted olive and black bean dressing, and fresh belly bacon with garlic and lemon.

Moving on to Guangzhou, diners are served superior chicken and a dish of pork and fungi bean curd rolls, before travelling to Peking, which sees juicy pork and shallot steamed buns with hoisin.

Xian is next, starring the region’s spicy pickled cucumbers, and red braised pork belly with wood ear fungus.

The fourth course showcases ingredients from the Anxi region – handmade turmeric noodles, and David Blackmore’s famous wagyu brisket and chilli.

The final destination is Kashgar, which delivers lamb shashliks, baked bread, chickpea salad and tomatoes, and a pistachio nougat parfait with almonds and pomegranate to finish.

Who’s keen for a trip down the Silk Road?