The ultimate guide to Chinatown 

Marigold Chinese Restaurant

At the heart of Chinatown and near Market City, Marigold is open every day of the year so there should be no reason not to visit this place. Serving delicious Yum Cha from 10am to 3pm daily, this restaurant has got all your favourites covered. The selection ranges from crispy Spring Rolls through to the must-have Har Gow dumplings (shrimp dumplings), Sui Mai (pork dumplings) and even chicken feet (c’mon we know you want to try it!). Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, Marigold will ought to satisfy your Chinese food cravings.


Emperor’s Garden Cakes & Bakery

When walking along Chinatown the aroma coming from this tantalising hotspot will sure draw you in, and the queue for the line says it all. The specialty Emperor’s cream puffs are a warm, soft and fluffy and served with hot mouth-watering custard – delish! There’s also egg custard tarts and a array of sweet and savoury cakes and pastries that will delight all of your senses.

Grab a selection of bite-sized desserts here after dining at one of Chinatown’s many restaurants.


Chinatown Noodle King

The name says it all – if you’re on the hunt for traditional Chinese noodles then this place is for you. Located on Sussex Street, the Chinatown Noodle King menu serves up fresh home-made dumplings and noodles; including Jiaozi steamed dumplings and Lamien hand pulled noodles. But that’s not all! The restaurant also serves up an array of non-noodle dishes like crispy spring rolls and succulent braised pork.



Mamak is an award-winning Malaysian restaurant located on Goulbourn Street in Haymarket. The restaurant is the talk of the town and you can often see queues out the door. The full display kitchen enables you to view the amazing chefs creating amazing dishes. The menu captures authentic roti, satay, rice and noodles. Our top picks for mains include its selection of speciality curries. The Kari Ayam is a stand-out classic chicken curry dish cooked with freshly grounded spices – ultimate hearty food.


Menya Noodle Bar

Menya is a Japanese noodle bar located on Quay Street in Haymarket. A restaurant that won’t empty your pocket but fill your stomach, Menya creates fresh, from scratch, authentic Japanese soups served with traditional ramen noodles. Whether it be the traditional Tonkotsu Soup, Miso Soup or Gyoza (Japanese dumplings), Menya has mastered the ‘way of noodles’ so you can taste the amazing flavours. Grab your family and friends to dive into some authentic Japanese raman and Osaka beer today.