Want to be a real Ultimate Dodgeball champion?

Ultimate Dodgeball is back, and Sky Zone are giving you a shot at representing Australia at the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship in the USA!

Sky Zone in Alexandria and Miranda are welcoming dodgeball teams to sign up for the Ultimate Dodgeball season which kicks off Wednesday 11 April and runs every Wednesday evening for 10 weeks, all in the hope of finding Australia’s Ultimate Dodgeball Team.

The Australian grand final will take place at the Alexandria Sky Zone on Wednesday 27 June, with the winning team being flown to represent Australia at the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship in the US in August.

The winning teams at the world championships will receive up to $50,000 in cash prizes, as well as the chance to call themselves 2018’s Ultimate Dodgeball world champions.

All you need to do to get involved is find a squad of five ball-dodging experts and sign up on the Sky Zone website.  Although the main objective of the game is to avoid getting hit with the balls, Grant Smith General Manager of Alexandria Sky Zone explains there is more to succeeding than just that.

“It’s hard to think of dodgeball without thinking of Ben Stiller’s character White Goodman, but at the pointy end of the tournament, the competition is fierce, with players on many of the strong teams eclipsing 130 km in throwing speed,” Grant said.

 “You definitely need a good arm. Having a good arm is essential to being able to zing the ball and throw it fast.  The teams also play on wall-to-wall trampolines, which makes the game that much more difficult and fun.

“It’s such a healthy and competitive sport. For anyone playing high school or college sports that wants to stay competitive, this is the number one sport for that in the nation. It’s easy, and you can knock out games pretty fast… It’s such a blast.”

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