Where To Get Good Bircher Muesli

Bircher muesli. You either love it, or you don’t. Luckily for you, we do, and we’ve done the hard yards to find the best Bircher muesli in Sydney.

The Fine Food Store - Kendall Ln, The Rocks

Tucked away in the middle of The Rocks are some hidden gems. One of which is The Fine Food Store. Recently going through a Brooklyn-inspired renovation, sitting at one of their window seats munching down a Bircher with a cold brewed coffee is a perfect way to start a morning.

Bootsdarling - 333 South Dowling St, Darlinghurst

A very fruity take on the Bircher muesli is what will greet you at Bootsdarling. A flaxseed Bircher with chia porridge served with mango, strawberry and cinnamon yogurt.

Glass Brasserie - 2/488 George St, Sydney

Part of the Hilton Hotel, the Glass Brasserie offers a sumptuous menu of breakfast goodies set out as a buffet breakfast. On the menu, bircher muesli. Just think about it…all you can eat Bircher muesli…Our eyes have glazed over just thinking about it!

Clipper Cafe - 16 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe 

You’ll find bicycles and model ships on the wall that add to the kitsch of the decor. What isn’t kitschy is the Clipper Cafe’s Arabian style Bircher muesli, with pistachios, poached fruit and yogurt.

Bread & Circus -  21 Fountain St, Alexandria

With their ever-changing menu (seriously it changes every day!) you’ll never have the same meal twice. Their take on Bircher muesli includes biodynamic yogurt with strawberry, pear, passionfruit, banana and toasted coconut. Quite the mouthful.

O Organic Produce - 487 Crown St, Surry Hills

Found in the amazing suburb of Surry Hills, you can probably tell from the name that O Organic Produce is an Australian Certified Organic Cafe. What else you can tell is how amazing you will feel after scoffing down a bowl of Bircher muesli oats, which are served with stewed rhubarb, biodynamic yogurt, coconut and mixed seeds and nuts.

Paper Cup - 157-161 Cambridge St, Stanmore.

Arabian style Bircher muesli is obviously a popular thing as it features twice! Paper Cup in Stanmore couples their Bircher with yogurt and seasonal fresh fruit. Try it with their signature sticky chai tea for an all around amazing breakfast.