Worldwide Fashion: MirandaSAKHINO

As we work through the excitement on Mercedes Benz Fashion week, there’s one piece of sage advice for the fashion forward among us:

‘Go forth and be fabulous’ are the wise words of fashion designer Miranda Seakgosing.

Miranda grew up in Botswana with an African mother and a Portuguese father, in a creative family. Her aunty was a tailor, her grandmother a knitwear designer and her mother a fashion collector. So it’s no wonder she was inspired to pursue a passion outside the corporate world. Oh, and did we mention that Miranda herself lives and breathes style?

This designer, who runs the independent label MirandaSAKHINO, worked for three years in the world of finance before leaving it for the world of fashion.

MirandaSAKHINO is contemporary fashion that blends African and Western influences. The Melbourne-based designer’s collections, including the one she will launch at FASHFEST 2015 held in Canberra, appeals to women of all races.

This is stunning yet versatile day and evening wear—garments that appeal to polished, cosmopolitan women who are style conscious, adore fashion and appreciate functional, timeless clothing.

Miranda will launch a resort collection at Canberra’s FASHFEST, based on her dream lifestyle and job. ‘I would love to travel to exotic places and indulge in exotic vacations, in destinations where I would always be enjoying summer,’ says Miranda. ‘I would go to work meetings, but have lots of leisure time.’

No doubt Miranda’s dream job would allow her plenty of time to blog about fashion. Check her out at

Miranda’s new collection will feature bursts of colour and elegant silhouettes. ‘It will be a bit girly but also a bit regal and have elements of strength,’ says the designer. ‘This is my debut at FASHFEST.’

The collection will feature all-natural fabrics. ‘There won’t be any synthetics,’ says Miranda, ‘except for a bit of elastin here or there for stretch. It’s mostly cotton and silk.’

And Miranda’s most valuable styling tip? ‘Avoid trends unless you really like what you’re buying and really think you can pull it off. Style is an extension of your character, not what you see in a magazine,’ she says.

FASHFEST: 13 to 16 May, National Convention Centre, Canberra. MirandaSAKHINO will be on the runway 15 May.

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