15 Minutes With: NGAIIRE

It’s officially awards season, and here in Australia that means that all eyes and ears turn to the ARIAS. It’s a serious spectacle, but while the media’s focus stays glued on the one stage, there are plenty of trophies on offer, such as the APRA AMCOS awards. This year, NGAIIRE, a veteran of the Australian Music scene, took out her first ever award thanks to the guys at APRA AMCOS, scoring a Professional Development Award and the accompanying cash prize. It’s a decade into NGAIIRE’s career, ten years that have seen tours with artists like Blue King Brown and Chet Faker, albums produced in amazing environments, and an ever-present level of social consideration. We were lucky enough to catch NGAIIRE right after the big win, and snatch a few minutes of her time mid-celebration.

“When I started working with Blue King Brown, I was actually working in a call-center, I wanted so badly to be out on the road, so that was my ticket out. As things started to move on, I realised how badly I wanted to do my own stuff, and not be a backing vocalist for life.”

Even from the get go, it’s clear that NGAIIRE had a desire to take her show on the road, which is reflected in her choice of recording locations as well. Her first album, Lamentations, was recorded in a tiny bar in Japan. Her newest, Blastoma, was born a little closer to home, in Newtown, although it also comes with a twist.

“I think a lot of artists thrive in changing environments. We thrive on the road, so why not translate that into the studio. Writing in that little bar in Japan was really conducive to the first album, and then writing with Paul Mac in his studio was really conducive to the second. Being in Japan was actually a really isolating experience.” She says. “I was really looking forward to getting away and just writing songs, but it’s actually really challenging locking yourself away in a country like japan. It’s not very accessible to English speakers. This new album was more of a collaborative process between me, Paul Mac and Jack Grace. I feel like it’s along the same lines, but the songs are more structured. It’s a weird mix of Paul and Jack’s influences, so it’s kind of straight up, then there will be like an almost 90’s dance twist, and then me with my weird harmonies. I’m really excited for people to hear it.”

Catch NGAIIRE A at THE PLOT this Saturday 5 December 2015.