8 Places Serving Amazing French Toast

There’s something ‘food huggish’ about French toast that makes everyone want a slice. Maybe it’s the sugary goodness that’s sprinkled on top? Maybe it’s the soft eggy-thingy encasing the bread? Or maybe it’s just the fact that something so simple to make can be made in so many different ways? And here they all are: French Toast - all over Sydney.

Hoochie Mamma - 156 Missenden Road, Newtown

At the vortex of all things uni-life and King Street’s goodness! Try their Baked French Toast for $13.90, made with caramelised banana, vanilla mascarpone and maple syrup.  I don’t even know what caramelised banana would look like but God damn …

Cowbell 808 - 618A Bourke Street, Surry Hills

All day breakfasts? Yes please! The French Toast ($18.00) is delivered to you with mixed berries and their own in-house vanilla ice cream. You can even add bacon to your plate for an extra $4.00. Did I mention the ice cream? 

Four Ate Five - 48 Crown Street, Surry Hills

This neighbourhood institution does not disappoint in the delivery of French Toast. Here, $16.00 sees your French toast teeming with bananas (more bananas!) and then topped with Canadian maple syrup, mascarpone & rhubarb. This is not for light eaters.

First Drop Café - 69 Baptist Street, East Redfern

Visit their Facebook page and you’ll find a quote in their photo album: “You can do it!” – attributed to coffee.  Not only do they get breakfast, but they sure do get French toast!  It’s a towering powerhouse to all things French toast-y, and for $15.90 you’ll get Sonoma sourdough dribbling in cinnamon & vanilla egg wash, then crowned with fruit salad and crispy bacon. After all that, it’s drizzled with maple syrup -  so forget your healthy eating plan.

Wraps and Grills on Kelsey - 12 Kelsey Street Arncliffe

Proof that you don’t need to step into the inner city to get your French toast fix.  Also proof that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here, at Wraps and Grills Café, your Cinnamon French Toast is simple-yet-scrumptious, and served with strawberries, cream & maple syrup.  The $7.50 price tag ain’t that bad either.

Café Sel & Poivre - 263 Victoria Street Darlinghurst

Another example of good food not costing the earth. The Brioche French Toast here at Café Sel & Poivre, who tout themselves as, “The original French bistro of Sydney since 1998”, is only $9.50 yet comes with the tried-and-true fresh strawberries and pure maple syrup. 

Ruby’s Diner - Shop 1, 173-179 Bronte Road, Waverley

Another take on the Brioche French Toast, the good people of Ruby’s make theirs with honey ricotta and maple roasted pears, and all this can live snug in your belly for $18.00. For extra happiness, add Nutella to your meal for $2.00.

Not Bread Alone - Shop 2, 376 Pacific Highway Crows Nest

No kidding! There’s a lot about this Crows Nest fave that make it so popular with the locals, and we’re pretty sure the French toast is one of those reasons. For $14.90, yours will come with rhubarb compote and maple syrup, and you can wash it all down with their wide selections of teas and coffees. 

By Erica Enriquez