The Best Pizza in The Inner-West

Everyone loves pizza. For little kids, ‘pizza night’ is like Christmas. Meanwhile, pubescent teens find comfort in eating this food that resembles the complexion of their face. Even for young adults, pizza is the ultimate hangover cure (or just a a futile attempt to sober up).

Super-food fads will come and go but pizza will never go out of style - no matter how old you are. Once you’ve found the slice that speaks to your soul, it’s like nothing else matters in the world.

Castel Mola Italian Restaurant Pizzeria - Leichhardt

Leichhardt’s famous Norton Street is the home of some pretty incredible Italian restaurants, but Castel Mola has got to be one of the best. They do the traditional toppings like margherita, meat-lovers and pepperoni, as well as some more modern variations.

Their Castel Mola pizza with chicken, sundried tomatoes and artichokes is best eaten with a knife and fork but don’t worry…  no one is judging you. They’re just in awe of how quickly you’re eating. Cue the food envy.

Supreme Gourmet Pizza Bar - Marrickville

While already available in Eastwood and the recently opened venue in Waterloo,  Supreme Gourmet marrickville store is positioned perfectly between Enmore Park and the Vic Hotel. It’s a must before meeting mates in the Park or after throwing back ‘a few too many’ at the Vic.

Not only do they do three varieties of peri-peri chicken pizza, their calzones are reminiscent of Roberta’s in Brooklyn… except the hipsters here ride their vintage bikes on the other side of the road.

Gigi Pizzeria – Newtown

A classic date spot in Newtown, Gigi makes the kind of pizzas you can’t eat ‘the morning after’ because the leftovers from dinner didn’t even make it home. The most expensive pizza, the Bresaola, is undoubtedly the best with porcini mushrooms; pecorino and truffle oil all working together to make sure you nail date night better than Tina Fey and Steve Carrell.

They don’t deliver or take bookings but no matter how long the wait for the table, it will be worth it.

Manoosh Pizzeria – Enmore

No list of pizza places in the Inner West would be complete without Manoosh. Located conveniently on Enmore Road just past Enmore Theatre, before and/or after any show is the perfect time for a Manoosh fix.

Their menu is nothing to sneeze at with close to 70 items including wraps, dips and desserts. The Mary’s Special pizza is proof enough that anything called Mary’s in the Inner West will put you in a food coma. If you like your cheesy carbs with a side of cheesy carbs, order the Haloumi and Mushroom Garlic Bread - it will change your life.