Dining | Bishop Sessa

If there’s ever a place to not only enjoy good food, but to treat yourself, then Bishop Sessa is THE place. Forming part of a flock of Crown Street restaurants offering great food, and housed in an inviting yet beautiful building, it’s got all the elements to turn a regular dining experience into something memorable.

Co-owners Paul Cooper and Erez Gordon are proud of their use of local produce, and are heavily involved in the nose-to-tail style of dining.  Gordonis also a Sherry connoisseur, and if you see him wandering around, say hello and have a chat – he’s very pleasant!

The vibe of the venue is warm but not worn-out, posh but not inaccessible.  A simple Tripadvisor search will show that there has been many a satisfied customer raving about Bishop Sessa.

But it’s not just their regular menu, consisting of dishes like Coriander seared Wild Yellowtail Kingfish, Paperbark-roasted Aylesbury duck breast or the House-made Pan-fried Gnocchi, that are worth the praise. Their degustation menu, with matching wines, thanks-very-much, are also worth the mention. 

For just $69.00, your degustation menu of six courses will have you pining for more, and for $119.00 you can enjoy with matched wines too! A typical Degustation meal here will start with a light sherry for the first course, followed by two white wines for courses two and three, two red wines for courses thee and four and then finished off with a sweet sherry for the sixth-and-final course.

Here’s how your degustation menu with Bishop Sessa could pan out:


Skipjack and Albacore Tuna with green beans, crème fraiche, smoked eel veloute matched with La Goya Delgado Zuleta Manzanilla, Sanlùcar de Barrameda, Spain

Our verdict: Oh my god. The dry sherry (we’re told) helps to cut through the oiliness of the fish but it’s pretty good fish. The waitress explained that this dish is, “insane” and she was right. Presented in a gorgeous little jar, it’s like the ocean is offering up a light meal. Take it!


Scallop Ceviche with cucumber, avocado, ginger beer sorbet matched with Marques de Tezona Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Spain.

Our verdict: Hello – GINGER BEER SORBET? Yes, be intrigued! Also, how often is there ceviche anything these days? Don’t say ‘often’ and anyway, sometimes it’s just not done well! While you know it’s still a light dish thanks to the cucumber, you’re preparing for more – the ginger gives this a bit of a kick and also offers an Asian influence to the dish.


Roast Melanda Park Pork, Hawkesbury River calamari, barbecued corn matched with TarraWarra Estate Chardonnay 2012 Yarra Valley Victoria

Our verdict: And here we go! The pork literally melts in your mouth (probably because it was slow cooked for 24 hours – that’s right!), which is a good thing for pork to do but then you have to train your brain to calm down – three more courses to go! This also means the last of the white wine offering for the evening and its fruity flavour compliments the pork. Have we mentioned how amazing this pork is?  24-hour cooking process, people, get into it!


Roasted Ayelsbury duck breast, ‘ducketta’, beetroot, turnip, mulled wine dressing matched with O’Leary Walker Pinot Noir 2012 Adelaide Hills South Australia

Our verdict: Good start to the red wine offering – this might be a new favourite (and at $30.00 a bottle at your local BWS it bloody well should be!).  The aioli worked well with the duck breast and the wine certainly helped this little pearler along.  The meals are heavier now but there’s no time to slow down!


Potato-wrapped red wine-braised Wagyu, mushroom & bacon ragout, and smoked tomato matched with Mandoleto Nero d’Avola 2012 Sicily Italy

Our verdict: Just when you thought it was safe to rest your weary tummy, they bring out the Wagyu beef. Thankfully it’s expertly matched with the Mandoleto Nero d’Avola, a full-force, balls-out flavour delight. Drunk yet?


Upside-down bitter chocolate tart, honeycomb, salt caramel ice cream matched with Valdespino El Candado Pedro Ximenez Sweet Sherry, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Our verdict: You’ve made it! The salt caramel ice cream won’t disappoint, so those that love their after-dinner coffee can skip it altogether. Honeycomb throughout will have you licking your lips in delight, and yes, go on … enjoy that sweet sherry. You deserve it! 

Written by Erica Enruiqez