Dining | Miss Peaches

If you’ve never travelled to the USA’s Southern States, then shut down SkyScanner, coz Miss Peaches, which opened in June last year, will take you right there.

Miss Peaches is the brainchild of Richard Haines, Marty Routledge and Luke della Santa, who wanted to create “a genuine and hospitable venue based on the music, food and culture of America’s Deep South”. “The perfect and natural synergy between music, food and quality drinks sets Miss Peaches apart from other venues”, Haines says. “Everything works together and fits. It’s the vibe!”

And what a vibe! It’s spacious and relaxed, with signs on the walls offering Collard Greens and Candied Yams. You’ll feel like you’re about to have a chat with Forest Gump over a ‘box of choc-lates’. You can almost imagine you’re not in Sydney! “Miss Peaches attracts people from across Newtown and the inner west,” says Haines. “There’s no pretence.”

Start with an entrée of Oysters Bayou Teche (3 for $11.00) that are served like jewels on a platter and topped with pomegranate to give a little zing. Give the Biscuits n’ Gravy ($5.00) a try. They’re not like Arnott’s biscuits, more like scones or small cupcakes and are served with gravy. It’s like being given a food hug.

Haines’ favourite entrée is the Bug Pie dish (2 for $12.00), a spicy concoction of Moreton Bay Bug tails in puff pastry. “The quality of the produce, the flavours and textures are amazing.” We tend to agree.

The signature mains dish, if you’re stuck for choice, is the Chicken Etouffee ($16.00). A piece of very tender Maryland chicken served with rice and gravy is so flavoursome you may want to lick your plate clear of it. 

The Blackened Fish ($15.00) is a crowd favourite. Haines says of the dish. “The outside of the fish is delicious and crispy, while the inside is tender and juicy. The spice is well complimented by a really fresh pickled cucumber and red pepper salad.” It’s light but the flavours come out fighting, and won’t disappoint.

For cocktails, try the Watermelon Ruby Fizz ($16.00), a mix of Tanqueray gin, lemon juice and watermelon soda they make themselves. This is also a crowd favourite; sweet enough for ladies but fresh enough for the guys as well.

Haines’ favourite cocktail is the Mississippi Sour ($17.00). It’s so easy to devour, and the Laird’s applejack does nothing to stop you from going for another round.

Other drinks include American staples like Sarsaparilla, Homemade (of course) Lemonade and Ginger Beers - all of which you can get for $5.00 a glass.

Live music plays from 8.00pm, and Haines makes a point of filling Miss Peaches with bluesy, rockabilly tunes. “Our house blues band, Ray Beadle and the Silver Dollars, has been in residence every Thursday night since we launched. I remember coming in one Thursday night and finding the bar full of people dancing…. and I mean full – like over 100 people swing dancing and having a great time.”

Find Miss Peaches at: 
Level 1, 201 Missenden Road,

Open from Wednesdays to Sundays, 5.00pm-12.00am.

For more information call 9557 7280, or visit their website at www.misspeaches.com.au