Event Recap | Just Desserts - Establishment Bar

For many, the end of Monday sees them hightailing it out of the office, catching the CityFail train home then plonking themselves on the couch for a night of MKR and the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, all the while patting themselves on the back for surviving the first day of the working week.

Not so for the crowds who turned up for Merivale’s Just Desserts event at Establishment Bar on Monday, 10th March, in conjunction with Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel.  It was an all-out dessert lover’s dream, with crowds enjoying an array of sweet treats from stations set up throughout the bar. The $45 entry ticket allowed guests to sample items from the dessert stations, as well as try out the bar’s wine or cocktail selections (although not all at once, can you imagine!). Each guest was given a six-token card for use throughout the evening.

From 6pm to 8pm, Sydney sweet-tooth tragics packed the bar to get a taste of Merivale’s delicious desserts, like the Hazelnut parfait, apricot/honey compote with fresh thyme from the est. station (thyme in a dessert dish, I know, I KNOW!), the Jewels, with coconut, jackfruit and lychee pearls from the Ms. G’s station or the Nitro Lemon Squash and Soda from the Merivale Events Pantry station, made with crushed meringue (that was a 2-token treat!).  What could have been a heady shitstorm of enthusiastic foodies was quite the civilised gathering, probably because everyone had their hands full juggling a 2012 Maxi Pinot Noir (yum) in one hand and a Hazelnut and Valhona Gianduja Chocolate Bar in the other.

Towards the end of the evening, groups of weary guests stumbled bleary-eyed around the venue, desperately searching for water. The Monday blues were avoided and everyone had the strength, even if it was sugar-induced, to face the week ahead.

The event was held as part of the March into Merivale food festival

By Erica Enriquez

Photo Credit: Merivale