Get The Look | Winter Hats

"It's bloody cold!" We've all been saying that for the last few weeks. In Sydney, we consider it's freezing when the temperature goes under twenty degrees.

So here are the best winter hats to keep your melon warm and looking stylish, just like the celebs do!

The Proper Hat

Fallen Broken Street is the place to shop when it comes to hats. They are a little bit more pricy - around $99 - but worth the investment. You will probably keep it for years, best part they're unisex. Selena Gomez rocks this blue version. 

Get the look at Fallen Broken Street.

The Turban Hat

Turban hats are totally 'in' and the perfect alternative: they are not too casual and not too sophisticated. They definitely add a touch of style to your outfit. We've seen these popping up more and more - as seen here by Miranda Kerr.

Check out Choies for the look.

The Cream Knit Beanie

The knit beanie is casual, warm and cosy. What you sould expect from a winter hat? Any colour is fine, but cream is just the easiest colour to wear with all kind of styles. If it's good for Cara Delevinge, it's good for us.

Not too hard to find! You can get this one from Witchery.

The Floppy Hat

Go floppy in winter too! Floppy hats are usually worn in the Summer but some brands have designed floppy hats in warm materials like wool and acrylic.

Get the look at Topshop.

Go Crazy

If those four styles are too boring for your eccentric personality, Phil Ferguson has the solution! The Melbourne-based artist can turn your little head into a burger, an eggplant, or a fried egg. Is it stylish? Not sure, but it's definitely funny!