Secret Sydney Bars...Shhh!

Think you know Sydney inside-out? We like to think so, too, but even the most experienced Sydneysider might have missed some of the city’s secrets.

Tucked down side streets and hidden in basements, these are some of Sydney’s best spots that you may never have heard of.

Good luck finding them!

Stitch Bar - 61 York Street, CBD

It’s not uncommon to see patrons walking up and down York Street, staring at Google Maps on their phone and looking very confused. These poor lost souls are most likely trying to find Stitch Bar. Push through the wooden swinging doors and descend the staircase into this cosy cocktail bar.

As the name suggests, this bar is decorated with vintage sewing pieces, even some of the tables are old sewing machines benches. The food is great here too, with a selection of burgers, hot dogs and salads.

Love Tilly Devine - 91 Crown Lane, Darlinghurst

Named after Tilly Devine, a brothel Madame notorious in East Sydney in the 1920s, this bar is the ultimate wine fanatic’s destination.  Tucked down Crown Lane in Darlinghurst, this small bar has a capacity of only 40 people. With a wine list that reads more like a novel, and a simple-yet-delicious menu to match, this small bar is perfect for long chats with vino.

The Baxter Inn - 152-156 Clarence Street, CBD

It seems that the secret must be out about The Baxter Inn, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock then let us fill you in. If you’ve never heard of this bar you’d have no chance of stumbling across it, as it is located in a basement just off Clarence Street. When you walk down the stairs you’ll be greeted with hipster bartenders, buzzing rock-a-billy music and great quality cocktails.

Button Bar - 65 Foveaux Street,Surry Hills

Owned by the same dudes as Stitch Bar, and continuing with the sewing related names, Button Bar is another fairly well hidden venue you might not have stumbled across. Located on Foveaux Street (don’t worry its at the bottom of the hill) this pirate themed bar feels like a world away. With great old-fashioned cocktails and pizza all night, Button Bar is another must to check off your list.

The Barber Shop  - 89 York Street, CBD

You’d be forgiven for walking past this barber’s shop and thinking nothing more of it than a grooming place for trendy men. But when the sun goes down venture through the dividing doors to discover a hidden bar serving classic cocktails specialising in gin.

What could be better than killing two birds with one stone?, Grab a haircut and a gin and tonic! 

The Smoking Panda - 5-7 Park Street, CBD 

Any hospitality veteran would be familiar with Coronation Pub, as it opens at 5.00am and is often the final destination of a big night. However two floors above the Coronation is a little known secret…

The Smoking Panda perfectly mixes old with new: The décor is reminiscent of your local tacky Chinese takeaway but the cocktails are exciting and innovative. The menu is inspired by suburban Chinese restaurants, serving up prawn toast and duck spring rolls. 

By Eliza Ackland