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There are so many things about Sydney you might not be aware of. Areas of the city you could walk past, or through, and know nothing about. For example, did you know that the Bubonic Plague hit The Rocks area in the early 1900s?  Did you also know that Bridge Street in the city’s CBD was not named because it leads to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but because there used to be a bridge there?

These are just a few of the many interesting facts you’ll learn about Sydney when you do a walking tour with Two Feet and a Heartbeat.

Two Feet and a Heartbeat, an Aussie-based guided walking tour company with offices in Sydney and Perth, offers you the chance to step off the beaten track and away from the regular tourist traps.

Tours can accommodate up to twelve people.  Book a tour and explore the city with a group of friends, family members or visiting guests from out of town.

The tours are in-depth, interesting and loads of fun. You’ll take away a greater understanding of the area you’ve chosen for your tour, and leave with vivid stories that stay with you long after the 2 hours are up.

One of the tours available is the Sydney with Conviction tour, which meanders through Circular Quay, the Rocks, up Tank Stream Bar, Bridge and Pitt St and Martin Place and ends at Hyde Park. You’ll discover some fascinating pieces of Sydney history info such as:

* Tank Stream Bar, located at 1 Tank Stream Way, was named after an actual watercourse called the Tank Stream, which now runs under the city and ends at a marsh near Hyde Park (yes, a marsh!). If you’re trying to imagine it, it’s in the area where David Jones on Elizabeth Street is.

* If you look closely, you’ll see a blue line running across Bridge Street to Tank Stream Bar, which indicates the path that the Tank Stream took.

* The outer walls of pubs in Sydney in the1800s were lined with tiles. This made it easier to clean up after the patrons inside, who were eager to make the most of Happy Hour, but were unable to, “contain their liquor”, so to speak. They instead relieved themselves on the tiles walls outside

The great thing about a tour with Two Feet and a Heartbeat is that it’s the best way to see another side of Sydney, and rediscover it with a renewed sense of pride in the city.  It will allow you to see how the city came to be the city it is today, and give you glimpse into the lives of the earliest European settlers, as well as the original people of the Sydney Cove area.

By Erica Enriquez

To book a tour with Two Feet and a Heartbeat, visit their website and make a booking online. Prices start from $40.