Where To Get Good Mexican

Taco’s, fajita’s, burrito’s, margarita’s and tequila…the perfect mix for a great night of fun. We love Mexican food here at OutInSydney, so we decided to go on the hunt for some of Sydney’s best.

El Loco -  Surry Hills

Who doesn’t love some late-night cheap and tasty Mexican food?  The El Loco Cantina owned by the Merivale clan brings you $5 tacos, Margarita slushies, Mexican beers and hot dogs. Stuck to the side of the Excelsior Hotel, don’t go in expecting a ‘comfortable quiet restaurant experience’, more so a fiesta! The affordable price tag is in no way the reflection of the quality of food. It’s delicious!

Chica Bonita - Manly

The tastiest Mexican cuisine straight from the streets of Baja, served up alongside ice-cold margaritas, a colourful ally bar with Latin tunes and a good time is what Chica Bonita (Spanish for beautiful girl) promises to bring you. Trying to capture the authenticity of walking through the markets in Mexico City, the waiter brings you a big pile of Chicharron (pork skin) that’s been deep fried, he/she breaks off a piece, dips it in a massive bowl of guacamole and hands it over - classic street snack!

Flying Fajita Sistas - Glebe

At Flying Fajita Sistas they use fresh, seasonally available produce as well as imported spices that you don’t generally find outside of Mexico. Joe Slakey, their Head Chef, takes the best from one of the world’s most regionally diverse cuisines and adds the nuances that classical European influences have contributed to Mexican cooking over several centuries. Mexican with a Euro twist…#YUM.

Izote Mexican  - Newtown

Tucked in the busy streets of Newtown, Izote Restaurant is inspired by the current wave of modern Mexican cuisine, among favourites like Enchiladas, Fajitas and Ceviche (Barramundi cured in lime) as specialties. Chef Tito offers an exciting menu, which extends beyond the typical and promises to explore new takes on traditional dishes.

Cantina Movil - Various locations, there on wheels!

You can’t get any more street food authentic than Mexican on wheels! Cantina Mobil has been happily truckin’ along for over two and a half years now. A name that has become synonymous with Sydney street food, Cantina Movil brings you a movable snack bar serving a unique style of Mexican food offering their signature slow-roasted, succulent meats - VIVA FOOD TRUCKS! Cantina Movil also has a fixed premise at 99 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, and as the name suggests, this site ‘garages’ the Food Truck when it is not out roaming the streets.

You can track their movements HERE 

By Carla Figueroa Pavez