Wok On Inn

The last cooking class I did was in Japan, and after gutting, scaling and chopping fish for four hours, I couldn’t think of anything worse than the sushi in front of me. My experience at Wok On Inn in Zetland was the complete opposite.

When I walked in, the room was an oasis of Asian ingredients and aesthetic. I was welcomed with a lemongrass and honey drink that tasted like unicorn’s tears in comparison to the heatwave outside.

Their head chef extraordinaire showed us all the fresh ingredients they use in their homemade pastes and sauces. Of course, he didn’t give us the quantities ‘cause Mama didn’t raise no fool and he knew we’d walk out of there and start a black market with them.

We made our own paste for the drunken noodles we were going to make, which was perfect because I got to add bulk chilli to mine.  It also helped me understand why I’ve always bought my korma in a jar. After using the mortar and pestle to grind up my paste I contemplated cancelling my gym membership because I was clearly never going to need to train my arms again.

Using the wok like a certified professional, my drunken noodles looked legit. All I’m saying is, if Wok On Inn is looking for a chef, I know for a fact my name is at the top of their list!

Then, canapé after canapé flooded out of the kitchen; everything from prawns, to hokkein noodles, to a sample of what our drunken noodles were actually meant to taste like. No one could say no to the onslaught of food, everything was so fresh and light – world’s away from the gluggy mess a lot of fast noodle shops serve.

When I was the kind of full that makes you swear you’ll never eat gain, I said goodbye, but not before they gave me a wok WITH MY NAME ENGRAVED ON IT! Giving me tools to use my talent at home? Definite proof they’re hiring me as a chef.

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